Excerpt from IN BED WITH THE OPPOSITION #sixsunday


I’m so excited to join with other authors this week as part of Six Sentence Sunday! Today’s snippet is from my very first contemporary romantic comedy, IN BED WITH THE OPPOSITION. It’s sexy, quirky, and is what I like to call a very smart book for very bad girls. So here’s what happens when our sassy heroine runs into her old flame at a Crab Festival and political fundraiser:

Ethan smirked as if he could read her mind. “I guess Beltway insiders like you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything but black or navy, even on a hot day.”

“I don’t know about that,” Grace replied with an airy calm she didn’t feel, pointedly ignoring the black blazer draped over her arm and the trickle of perspiration down the back of her neck. “Sometimes we walk on the wild side with a gray pinstripe.”

Ethan turned on that gazillion-dollar-an-hour political consultant’s smile. “Is that what passes for wild in your life these days, Grace?”

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