I’m so excited to join with other authors this week as part of Six Sentence Sunday! Today’s snippet is from my very first contemporary romantic comedy, IN BED WITH THE OPPOSITION. It’s sexy, quirky, and is what I like to call a very smart book for very bad girls.

In this snippet, our hero wonders why he can’t get our heroine out of his head:

Ethan had no problems getting women. Like any good political operator, he knew how to make a sales pitch. On numerous evenings, in numerous hotels across the country, he’d sealed the deal with beautiful girls of all persuasions, from the smoking hot reporter in Atlanta with a tickling fetish to the three-time Olympic gymnast from Colorado Springs. But for Ethan, there was always a new candidate to champion and another state to conquer. By the end of a campaign, he left them all behind.

Grace Santiago had been different because Ethan didn’t leave her; she left him and he never figured out why.

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Another Excerpt from IN BED WITH THE OPPOSITION #SIXSUNDAY — 5 Comments

  1. I’d like to suggest that you delete the opening sentence. It merely Tells what you so beautifully (and far more powerfully) Show in the following sentences. There’s no question at all by what you relate that he has no problem finding women willing to bed him. Well done!

  2. You’ve done a very nice job setting up your story with this snippet. I don’t mind the first sentence, but Kimberly is right, you did do a lovely job showing insight into your character with the next four. Your sixth sentence provides a nice cliffhanger.

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